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Marti Hearst, Search User Interfaces, 1st ed. Cambridge University Press, Septermber 2009. [Online:]

This is a clear and thoughtful discussion of many aspects of Search User Interfaces. It thoroughly synthesizes most of the recent research in the field with fluency and insight. And doesn't hurt that she (and the evidence agree) with me about personalization and visualization of search results, both of which I find over-hyped and low on ROI. The best kind of academic work: rigorous and very useful at the same time.


# 1: Design of Search User Interfaces
# 2: Evaluation of Search User Interfaces
# 3: Models of the Information Seeking Process
# 4: Query Specification
# 5: Presentation of Search Results
# 6: Query Reformulation
# 7: Supporting the Search Process
# 8: Integrating Navigation with Search
# 9: Personalization in Search
# 10: Information Visualization for Search Interfaces
# 11: Information Visualization for Text Analysis
# 12: Emerging Trends in Search

Marti Hearst is a professor at the ISchool, University of California, Berkeley (formerly the School of Library and Information Studies, my alma mater). Ms. Hearst was the pioneer in demonstrating the quality of faceted metadata search interfaces with her Flamenco research in the early 2000s.

additional keywords: UI, UX, user experience, usability
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