Who owns Search in the Enterprise?

Sometimes it's IT, Communications, HR, everyone, or no one. None of these by themselves are sustainable for supporting information access in the long term, so we as professionals must find some way to do it better.

At Qualcomm, they have created Enterprise Centers of Excellence (CoE), including Search, Content Management, Collaboration and Desktop, combining leaders from IT, Engineering, Program Management, Finance, and more. The Search COE has succeeded in providing a central organizing point for search, muting search technology affinity wars, and increasing awareness of search capabilites leading to increased demand for specialized tools.

Mark Livingstone of Qualcomm and Miles Kehoe of New Idea Engineering will be presenting about this CoE experiences at the Enterprise Search Summit, and we'll have an open discussion at ESSF, moderated by Lynda Moulton, where experts and conference participants can share experiences, good and bad.

The Enterprise Search Summit Fall will be held November 1 - 3, 2011, in Washington DC -- I hope to learn from you there. For a $200 discount, use the code at the online registration page.

Fall Enterprise Search Summit is coming soon

The Enterprise Search Summit will be in Washington, CD, from November 1 to 3, and it's looking good!  We're concentrating on strategies for making Enterprise Search work in the real world, with case studies of successful implementations and practical information about search-based applications and mobile search.

New to our lineup is Greg Nudelman, author of this year's best book, Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success.  He's been involved in several mobile search interfaces, and will present Ubiquitous Enterprise Search: New Design Approaches for Mobile and Tablet -- this is going to be good!  Register for the conference before October 7 to get the early-bird discount.

BTW, I've been so busy with this conference and a large contract with a giant healthcare system's intranet search that I haven't been very responsive, and I apologize.  If you need something from me, please remind me by commenting here or sending email, don't be shy!

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last call for ESS 2011 Fall talks

This is it! Submit your ideas for presentations by the 16th -- they don't have to be polished abstracts, case studies and real-life examples are best.

We particularly need more talks on open-source search, scaling way up, usability testing, and multimedia searching (images, audio, video).

Enterprise Search Summit, Fall 2010: Call for Presentations

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Enterprise Search Summit 2011, Program chair Avi Rappoport

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notes: Interaction Models for Faceted Search, compound term processing

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