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last call for ESS 2011 Fall talks

This is it! Submit your ideas for presentations by the 16th -- they don't have to be polished abstracts, case studies and real-life examples are best.

We particularly need more talks on open-source search, scaling way up, usability testing, and multimedia searching (images, audio, video).

Enterprise Search Summit, Fall 2010: Call for Presentations

Search technology can pay off in big ways, but only if the implementation is firmly focused on user information needs. When search crosses boundaries and provides access to relevant information regardless of domain, it helps the enterprise network become more than the sum of its parts, but getting to that level requires a significant investment. Specific solutions can pioneer the way, solving high profile problems with scalable tools, and then incrementally expanding to make additional silos searchable. Whether applied in an international corporation, government agency, or complex web catalog, search technology is just a means to the true goal of supporting actions and decisions.

The Enterprise Search Summit is a forum to share lessons learned from successes, but also from failures; to recognize approaches which return good value for the investment of money and resources; and to evaluate promising new technologies. Presenters in this conference are implementing enterprise-level search in corporations, governmental departments, public catalogs, and even e-commerce sites.

Pre-conference workshops will offer an introduction to all aspects of enterprise search, including the indexing pipeline, query processing, recall, precision and relevance, user interface, scaling both content and traffic, federated search, analytics and more.

To Submit a Presentation

Enterprise Search Summit, Fall 2011 invites search engine practitioner of all kinds to submit proposals. Submit online only..

The deadline for submission is April 16, 2011; during the review process we may ask for presentation outlines and examples of previous sessions. We will send acceptance and declination notices by June.

Avi Rappoport, (the new Program Chair of ESS Fall, 2011) specifically encourages search administrators to submit proposals for presentations based on case studies, research, and practical experience. Proposals can include all aspects of enterprise search: strategic, technical, cultural, financial, and managerial.

We are interested in adding more interactivity and audience participation, so we may redesign some topics from pure lecture mode to round-tables, seminars, challenges, quizzes, and other forms of community discussion. We are very interested in proposals which deprecate PowerPoint in favor conversational approaches.

New topics we would particularly like to see included:

  • Scaling and distributing search to handle millions of documents and thousands of queries per minute

  • Indexing pipeline tools and processes, including both proprietary solutions and new initiatives such as OpenPipeline, Pypes, IUMA and ManifoldCF.

  • Can SaaS cloud-hosted search work in the enterprise, or is the exposure too much for comfort? What’s scarier about search than CRM?

  • What can new semantic technologies add to search? Where is the return on investment most clear?

  • UX and usability, making best use of new interface elements such as autocomplete and AJAX.

  • Mobile search - is it a UI problem only?

  • Standard federated search languages such as RSW, OAI and OpenSearch, with special emphasis on security and authentication.

  • Most effective ways of integrating search on images, audio, and video files.

  • Who should own search in the enterprise? What is the right level of investment in search projects and ongoing maintenance?

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your proposal! Enterprise Search Summit, Fall 2011, submit online..

Enterprise Search Summit 2011, Program chair Avi Rappoport

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