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SearchTools Blog
Who owns Search in the Enterprise? 
13th-Oct-2011 09:07 am
Sometimes it's IT, Communications, HR, everyone, or no one. None of these by themselves are sustainable for supporting information access in the long term, so we as professionals must find some way to do it better.

At Qualcomm, they have created Enterprise Centers of Excellence (CoE), including Search, Content Management, Collaboration and Desktop, combining leaders from IT, Engineering, Program Management, Finance, and more. The Search COE has succeeded in providing a central organizing point for search, muting search technology affinity wars, and increasing awareness of search capabilites leading to increased demand for specialized tools.

Mark Livingstone of Qualcomm and Miles Kehoe of New Idea Engineering will be presenting about this CoE experiences at the Enterprise Search Summit, and we'll have an open discussion at ESSF, moderated by Lynda Moulton, where experts and conference participants can share experiences, good and bad.

The Enterprise Search Summit Fall will be held November 1 - 3, 2011, in Washington DC -- I hope to learn from you there. For a $200 discount, use the code at the online registration page.
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