January 22nd, 2001


Product Report: Aurweb

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Product Information

Platform: Unix (HT/UX, Solaris, AIX, etc.), Linux, Windows95/98, Windows NT
Price: 40.000 F to 150.000 F ( + service 10% /year) that depends on the power of the machine, or from 1500 F /month to 5.500 F /month (service included). ISPs will pay from ~1000 F/month to ~2500 F/month ( that depends on the configuration of its service) and on a shared machine (non dedicated machine).


  • Basically French but designed to be multilingual.
  • can search fulltext pages and database entries at the same time
  • Boolean And, Or, Except, quotes, right truncation
  • hit highlighting
  • can present a list of keywords, thesaurus, expressions extracted from the text
  • compatible with Perl