May 20th, 2001

Product Report: Isys:web

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Product Information
.asp Search Engine Module for IIS
SDK product information
IntraDisk product (CD-ROM publication and searching)

Price: approx. $20,000 per server (web version)
Platform: Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP


  • March 2002:
    • .asp (Active Server Pages) version for integration with Microsoft IIS server
  • Indexes HTML, XML, PDF and over 125 file formats including Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel, Outlook Express and MSG files), WordPerfect 9, Lotus WordPro and AutoCAD DWG.
  • Indexes databases via ODBC and ISYS APIs, Lotus Notes, ACT! and Oracle natively.
  • Indexes Microsoft Exchange shared folders.
  • Indexes FTP repositories.
  • Language support includes multi-byte characters and Unicode; English, French, German, Spanish Portuguese, Italian, Cyrillic Russian, Thai, Bahasa, Greek, Hebrew, Turkish, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese and Arabic.
  • Robot spider is very configurable, with controls for specific areas of sites and scheduling
  • Can run on multiple servers
  • Tracks permissions & security levels using NT, Novell and custom authorization schemes
  • Tracks billing information for pay-per-view publishers
  • Synonyms and fuzzy matching search
  • Built-in synonym list (thesaurus)
  • Converts pages to HTML and highlights search term matches

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