January 25th, 2002


Product Report: eVe Image Search Toolkit

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eVe Image Search Toolkit

Product Information

Platform: Java toolkit: Win32, Unix: Solaris, IRIX, Mac OS X
Price: contact company


  • Allows search by similarity to another image, color, shape, texture, object
  • Segments images into objects for later searching.
  • Can automatically classify images into categories.
  • Version 3 indexes video clips as well as still images.
  • Integrated into a number of digital asset management applications.

Articles & Reviews

  • Visual Search Engines WebReference Newsletter, June 2001 by Tony DeYoung
    Describes the value of finding similar pictures, such as stock photo libraries, e-commerce sites and auctions. Points out that pattern recognition has some value but tends to work better for simple images and small databases. Reports on the eVision image search technology, which separates each image into a collection of objects rather than a single thing and provides good user controls for defining the search. Image analysis is slow but search results are very fast.

  • Seeking snapshots in search results CNET News.com; November 9 2001 by Gwendolyn Mariano
    Corbis, which sells digital images from its collection, announced implementation of the eVision visual search. Article includes a discussion of the general value of visual search.


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