June 20th, 2002


Product Report: Copernic Empower Search and Metasearch Engines

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Copernic Empower Search and Metasearch Engines

Product Information

Platform: Windows NT 4 Server, Windows 2000 Server
Price: $15,000 per processor.


  • Uses robot spider, local server scanning for Windows and Novell file systems.
  • Interfaces to Microsoft Exchange servers.
  • Real-time index updates.
  • File formats include HTML, text, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, WordPerfect and ZIP.
  • Uses linguistic analysis on index and queries.
  • Query features: free text search, phrases, fields, metadata, Boolean operators, stemming
  • Metasearch engine can query multiple search engines in parallel
  • Search options include type, size, modification date and author or editor.
  • Can create search zones.
  • Document summarization analyzes the content text for relevance ranking, displays key concepts.
  • Flexible and powerful web interface
  • Many customization features
  • Scalable to multiple servers.
  • Languages include English, French, German, Spanish, works with Japanese and Chinese characters

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