June 26th, 2002


Product Report: Phantom

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Product Information

Now marketed by the original developer, ACTIV Software of Victoria, Canada, no longer by Maxum. ACTIV has developed a Windows NT/2000 Service version and is working on a Mac OS X version. Upgrades are available for current users.

Price: Can $650 (approx. US $427)
Platforms: Mac 68K, Mac PPC; Windows 95, 98, NT 4, 2000


  • Nice web browser administration
  • Crawls multiple sites or local file system
  • Allows multiple search indexes with custom page layout
  • Indexes HTML, text and PDF
  • All/Any words menu, advanced search options
  • Find Similar Pages feature
  • Tag language to design results pages
  • Can run as a standalone web server
  • Version 2.2.2, June 2002
    • Now runs as a "service" under Windows NT / 2000

Articles & Reviews


  • DNA Files - companion site to NPR radio series on genetics (search served from SearchTools.com)
  • Horse Search Engine - for horse breeders, covers almost 8,000 horse web sites
  • AnimEigo - information about Japanese anime and animation