June 28th, 2002


Product Report: Oracle Text, Ultra Search and interMedia Search

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Oracle Text, Ultra Search and interMedia Search

Text Product Information - full text search engine

Ultra Search Product Information - adds web search UI, remote crawler, searching multiple indexes

interMedia Product Information - manage and search multimedia content

Price: apparently included with Oracle 9i
Platforms: Unix: Solaris, Linux; Windows: NT, 2000, etc.


  • Oracle Text

    • Closely integrated with Oracle database structures, spanning multiple text columns.
    • Indexes content from the database, file system, web via URL or programmatic source.
    • Indexes text from over 150 file formats including HTML, XML, PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
    • Multilingual, including English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and character sets ASCII, UTF-8, JA165JIS, GBK, BIG5.
    • Integrated security and access control with database rules.
    • Catalog indexes designed for short text and numeric data retrieval, updated automatically.
    • SQL queries include operators such as "near".
    • Supports Boolean queries.
    • XPath query commands and XML nested and attribute value search.
    • Options to query with wildcards and substrings (must be set in index).
    • Query with distance setting, in same sentence or paragraph
    • Phonetic (sound-alike) matching, fuzzy matching, stemming.
    • Options for synonyms and more complex thesaurus functions.
    • Editable stopword list.
    • Search on specified punctuation.
    • Relevance ranking for results, based on TF-IDF and theme weighting.
    • User or system can adjust some relevance aspects.
    • Retrieval tested at TREC with good results.
    • Shows HTML version of source files with search terms highlighted.
    • Search admin uses Oracle Enterprise Manager.
    • Automatic classification, filtering, clustering, and personalization options.
    • Text mining to extract themes and gists from indexed documents.
    • Scales using replication, synchronization, partitioning and parallelism.


  • Oracle Ultra Search

    • Built on Oracle Text
    • Robot crawler can follow links on external web sites.
    • Gathers data from multiple Oracle databases.
    • Indexes IMAP email servers.
    • Integrates with Oracle 9iAS Enterprise Portal Framework as a "portlet".
    • Provides a turnkey web-style search interface with the Oracle HTTP server.
    • Automatically translates Internet Query Operators (plus, minus, quotes) to SQL.
    • API to integrate with web pages and applications.
    • Provides metadata search for tagged or database fields.

  • Oracle interMedia Search

    • multimedia asset management
    • previously included text search
    • offers search for audio and video content

WebAssist QueryBuilder is an object extension for Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultradev that provides a wizard to create complex search and result pages.

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