September 21st, 2002

Product Report: Namazu

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Product Information - Unix

Product Information - Windows

Platform: Unix: RedHat Linux, Debian GNU/Linux, NetBSD; Windows 95, 98, NT and 2000; OS/2 port available
Price: free open source in C and Perl, licensed under the GPL


  • Japanese search engine as a CGI using Perl
  • command-line driven, you have to do a "make install"
  • indexes local files only (no robot), requires wget or another package to index remote files
  • indexes text files, email messages, usenet netnews postings, mhonarc archives, compressed files such as gzip, Microsoft Word, PDF, RFC and TeX formats.
  • Mail format support, used with mharc archiving system.
  • Windows version also includes filters for Ichitaro (JSTXT), Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Morphological analyses include ChaSen and KAKASI (for Japanese/Romanji conversion, and more)
  • supports grep (regular expressions).
  • Boolean operators include AND, OR, NOT, parentheses, phrases and substring wildcards
  • field searching for subject, from and message-id (for email and news documents).
  • Japanese phrases are forced to be segmented into morphemes automatically and are handled them as phrase searching.
  • Alphabet, numbers or a part of symbols (duplicated in ASCII) characters which defined in JIS X 0208 (Japanese Industrial Standards) are handled as ASCII characters.