October 25th, 2002


Product Report: i411 Faceted Metadata Search

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i411 Faceted Metadata Search

Product Information

Platform: Windows NT, 2000, and XP, Unix: Linux 6.2 and above. Hosted service available.
Price: depends on site size.


  • Faceted metadata search engine - shows attributes of result set along with listings
  • Works with existing taxonomies and categories
  • Dynamically determines attributes, no dead-ends
  • Preview numbers show how many are in each category
  • Real-time relationship calculations allow incremental index updating
  • Filter and aggregate data without overhead of database functions
  • Works with databases via ODBC
  • Lotus Notes connector
  • File formats including HTML, XML, PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • Browser admin interfaces for many tasks, including category modification
  • Search includes spellchecking, stemming, and synonyms.
  • Schedule index updating options
  • Architectural scaling among distributed clusters of inexpensive servers
  • XML queries and responses
  • COM and Java API interfaces.