December 10th, 2002

Product Report: Intelliseek Enterprise Search Server

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Intelliseek Enterprise Search Server

Product Information

Platform: Microsoft Windows NT v4 SP6, Windows 2000 (also available as a remote service and developer kit)
Price: contact company, article says it starts at $70,000

Note: In September 2002, the company founded Intelliseek Applied Research Center, working with former WhizBang labs people on machine learning, natural language processing, text mining and information retrieval technologies.

Note: Company is partly funded by In-Q-Tel, the venture capital group funded by the US CIA.


  • Indexes and searches full text data
  • Metasearch engine and search broker services for enterprise and intranets
  • Searches web servers, databases, Lotus Notes databases, web sources, data feeds such as Dow Jones and Reuters
  • ESS Bridge for Lotus runs on a separate Windows 2000 workstation
  • Supports Oracle for Windows and SQL Server
  • Collates results in corporate classification scheme
  • Creates structured catalogs from semi-structured content
  • Languages supported include Arabic, Chinese, English, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,
    Persian, Russian and most European languages.
  • Search supports Internet Query Operators: +, - and "", and wildcards with *.
  • Field searches easy to type.
  • Tracks security and permissions for individual users and displays only results they can see.
  • Personalization tools for targeting useful sources and saving groups for later.
  • Alerting and filtering for new information.
  • Search analysis tools.
  • Many customization options using the "ADK" - developer kit
  • Partners with Inxight to use WhizBang data and text mining tools.

Articles & Reviews

  • XML seen as godsend to researchers, October 8, 2002 by Rich Seeley
    Quotes Intelliseek CTO and leader of the Advanced Research Center (ARC) about the problems of unstructured data management, and how data mining and XML will help [with entity extraction]. Intelliseek puts text, such as Internet chat posts and email, through its proprietary mining format for transformation and summarization. Analysis can provide insights into consumer opinions.

  • Search me! (And every file I have ...) Network World Web Applications Newsletter, August 19, 2002 by Mark Gibbs
    A long-time fan of the BullsEye personal metasearch tool describes the features of the Enterprise Search Server, including multi-language support, brokering, bridges, indexing and catalog building.

  • In Search Of Search Bots BotSpot, January 2001 by Brian Profitt
    Describes a presentation at BOT2001 (January) by Sundar Kadayam, CTO of Intelliseek, on the nature of sophisticated search bots, thinking beyond simply gathering static data. Describes how an advanced metadata agent (such as Intelliseek) works by selecting the best information sources, sending the query and receiving results, post-processing to organize results, present them, and offer updates on the query in the future.


  • Profusion web metasearch site -- searches the top 100 engines on the Web
  • Bullseye desktop metasearch utility