February 19th, 2003


Product Report: Inktomi Search/Web

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Inktomi Search/Web

Inktomi Search/Web provides portals and other sites with access to the Inktomi large web engine and/or search access to pages from sites on specific topics. Assuming that one's site is indexed by Inktomi, the search will include one's own site as well.

December 23, 2002: Yahoo! Buys Inktomi Corporation

Inktomi, which has provided web-wide search services for such portals as MSN, HotBot and About.com, is being acquired by Yahoo! for approximately $235 million. Late in 2002, the company had sold its enterprise search engine, now reverting to the original Ultraseek name, to Verity.

See also Ultraseek (formerly Inktomi Enterprise Search Software)

Product Information

Platform: any Internet-accessible site
Price: annual minimums from $150,000 to $300,000, plus CPM fees for the individual queries.

  • Microsoft will use Inktomi technology for Web search engine Computerworld, October 21, 1997 by Stewart Deck.
    Describes how Microsoft is using Inktomi's search engine.