July 3rd, 2003


Product Report: linkSearch

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Product Information (English)
Product Information (Swedish)

Platform: Java J2SE on any platform, modules for Windows and JSP, also available as a callable library.
Price: Standard, €1,900; Plus version with additional filters, €3,900


  • Easy to implement Java search engine
  • Scales to tends of thousands of documents
  • Indexes both local and remote sites, handles dynamic URLs
  • Indexes HTML, Flash, text files on standard version; Plus version also does PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Free text query, also finds near and partial matches
  • Fast response
  • Relevance ranked results
  • Supports manual recommendations, "forcing document to match word"
  • Custom results page layout, including page name, date, author, summary
  • Example templates and ASP/JSP pages included.