October 28th, 2003


Product Report: JXTA Search

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JXTA Search

(formerly InfraSearch)

Product Information

JXTA Search is a distributed search system, allowing clients to query multiple search engines -- it's "peer-to-peer" because it's part of Sun's JXTA system which allows peer publishing and other P2P operations. JXTA Search defines a hub system for routing queries to the best information provider, a Query Routing Protocol (QRP) for sending the queries and responses, and "Queryspaces": meta-data for search engine identification, coverage and scope information. Hubs can forward queries to other hubs as well. This is more standard than a metaseach query and allows access control. All messages are encoded in XML, although the response format is not defined by JXTA Search.

Platform: Java 1.1.4 (Windows 98/ME/2000, Solaris, Linux and Macintosh)
Price: free, Open Source (Apache Software license)


  • Takes advantage of existing search engines and database search functions.
  • No central index.
  • Standards-based, XML and HTTP or JXTA messages.
  • Common structure for sending and accepting queries.
  • Searches can be distributed among multiple hubs.
  • Designed to be scalable to billions of queries per day.

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