November 2nd, 2003

Remote Site Search Services Report: Google

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Google will crawl your site and store your info in a remote database. When someone enters a query in the search form on your site, the Google server application receives the query, formats the results, and sends them back in an HTML form with links directly to the pages on your site.

Product Information:
  free version
  paid versions
  free University Program (no ads, updated once a month)

See also: Google Search Appliance

Platforms: all Internet-accessible web servers
Price: free with advertising and limited customization, comes with WebSearch button as well
Paid versions: many more options, no advertising, price negotiable directly


  • Index multiple sites (unlimited pages)
  • Basic results page customization: logo, background graphic and color, text and link colors
  • Search using Google syntax
  • No spellchecking or translation yet.
  • Google controls scheduling for index updating except for Custom SiteSearch.
  • Minimal search reporting.

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