November 7th, 2003

Product Report: LivePublish NextPage NXT 3 Search Engine

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LivePublish NextPage NXT 3 Search Engine

(Formerly Folio siteDirector)

Product Information (no site-search-specific page available)
  Distributed Search Product Information

Price: contact company
Platforms: Windows NT / 2000


  • Integrated closely with NextPage content management system
  • Scalable to millions of documents
  • Recognizes XML tagging for field data
  • Search results hit highlighting
  • Access control according to user permissions, domains, document collections, etc.
  • Natural-language and content-based searching
  • Keywords, Boolean operators, phrases, wildcards, stemming, synonyms, fields, proximity, nesting, etc.
  • Compatible with many file formats, including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Articles & Reviews

  • Online document manager (NextPage 2.0) IT Week, March 2000 by Mat Hanrahan and Herb Bethony
    Describes improvements over previous versions, especially the XML orientation, native file format support, and searching.

Reviews of Earlier Version - Folio SiteDirector