November 30th, 2003

Product Report: Magnifi Enterprise Server

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Magnifi Enterprise Server

Note: as of Spring, 1999, Magnifi seems to have removed themselves from the search business

Product Description
Example: Network Associates (NAI)

Price: $9,995 for base server; media block modules, $100-$1000 per user
Windows NT or hybrid platform of NT for crawling and indexing and Solaris for searching.

  • Maginfi * Multimedia Search Software & Intel Architecture Amplify Warner Bros. Online's Media Asset Management Intel Server Solutions Brief (no longer online, March 2000)
    Details about how how Warner Bros. Online implemented their search system, including hardware details, multimedia searching, even how they calculated ROI and performance metrics.

  • Picture this: an easier way to retrieve tons of hidden data Business Journal, March 9, 1998 by Angela Stephens
    Describes the background of the Magnifi principles, whose experience in QuickTime and other multimedia formats gave them a unique approach to data indexing and searching. Customers describe how they use Magnifi as a knowledge management tool to share access to artwork, presentations and prospectuses, and to provide user search access to video on the Web.

  • Magnifi's search engine handles multiple file types Infoworld, February 16, 1998 by Mark Joseph Edwards
    Full review of Magnifi Enterprise Server 2.0 concentrating on its abilities to sample and analyze plain text, DTP files, word processing and other productivity application files, images, and audio-video (stored and streaming). Reviewer found installation and configuration fairly easy, image retrieval and sampling impressive, but the price daunting.

  • Indexing the Video Frontier Wired News, February 5, 1998 by Chris Oakes
    Describes the issues of indexing and searching video data, which is much harder than text. Algorithms must find meta patterns, such as scene changes, to break down the data into manageable parts -- and these are different in different genres of video, such as documentaries or sports. Products make good use of closed-captioned text, text within the video and analysis of audio tracks to create storyboards and previews. More subtle indexing will require image analysis and pattern recognition. Products also work with Microsoft's NetShow streaming audio and video products. Includes information about Excalibur, Virage and Magnifi.

  • Internet Showcase '98 Honors Five Companies With Investor's Choice Awards January 30, 1998
    Magnifi was considered by attendees at the Internet Showcase conference one of the five companies most likely to succeed.

  • CBS SportsLine Eyes Magnifi's Enterprise Server Knowledge Management World, February 20, 1998
    SportsLineUSA Vice President of Engineering plans to use Magnifi for search on the Nagano Olympics web site.