July 21st, 2004


Desktop Search Tools Listings

ETA: Wikipedia's Desktop Search page is far more current and will continue to be updated. Please go there for information!

Desktop search engines index and search the files on one's own computer. (List as of July 2004)
  • Apple is showing a new desktop search in its "Tiger" beta of Mac OS X (10.4).
  • Ask Jeeves acquired Tukaroo, a desktop search tool.
  • Blinkx - local files and related web/news search
  • DiskMETA - personal desktop search engine
  • dtSearch Desktop - has many years of experience providing search on personal computers, workstations, local network as well as the dtSearch Web product.
  • Enfish - dashboard search for email, local documents, intranet, internet.
  • FILEhand - local file search, displays extracts, search by word, phrase or Boolean
  • Google is planning to release a desktop search tool.
  • Hotbot Desktop - Lycos has released a browser based desktop search that reportedly has customizable indexing, and makes use of RSS feeds. The local file search is based on dtSearch.
  • Microsoft plans on integrating better search into its new operating systems.
    • Lookout - searches local files and Outlook messages, bought by Microsoft, July 2004.
  • Readware's ConSearch - This is a tool that automatically indexes your desktop contents and makes it searchable for you.
  • X1 Search - searches files, email messages and attachments, shows context.