September 16th, 2005

Spiderline Remote (Hosted) Site Search Service

Spiderline - Remote Site Search Service report updated

Powerful search service works remotely from the company servers, indexes via a robot spider. It can index HTML, text, PDF and MS Word files, and can handle URLs with session IDs, cookies, password-protected pages and HTTPS. It includes editable synonym lists and custom weighting of meaningful words, but no search suggestion tools. Searches include Boolean support, soundex and stemming, and can be done within a zone based on URL paths. Results pages are highly configurable, and also available in XML for programmatic flexibility. The extensive search reports include top queries, clickthrough tracking and referrers, along with raw logs.

SLI Learning Search Remote Site Search Service

SLI Learning Search - Remote Search Service report updated

S.L.I. Learning Search, the remote service which powers search on and busy ecommerce sites, has an effective "learning" system to adjust search results weights based on previous search user click statistics. The search indexing robot that can follow links in JavaScript and VBscript, and handle sites with frames and cookies, HML, text, PDF, Word, Excel and Flash documents. Works with its own index, other search engines, and databases, can metasearch other sources and combine results, show search and spelling suggestions, shows prices and pictures in results, or sends raw XML. Scales to millions of searches per day, multiple data centers. Provides extensive interactive search analytics and reports.