November 23rd, 2005

Information Retrieval Seminar - December 5, Haifa

Information Retrieval Seminar 2005 - interesting IR theory discussion, sponsored by IBM. December 5, 2005: Haifa, Israel.

It includes a presentation by a person from the US National Institutes of Standards and Technology, which has put on the Text Retrieval Conference (TREC) for many years now. The Keynote will be a talk on Open Source Search by Doug Cutting, leader of the Lucene and Nutch open source search engine projects (and much more handsome than his picture indicates).

Slides from Presentations at Intranets 2005

  • Organizing Information For Better Search Results - Intranets, November 2005
    Finding and indexing useful content, interfacing with IA, CMSs, multimedia and structured content, and faceted metadata search.

  • Search 2005 and Beyond - Intranets, November 2005
    The basics -- gathering, indexing, query processing, retrieval, relevance ranking, UI, and log analysis. And then the fun stuff: alerting, IA, taxonomies, faceted metadata, multimedia, compliance, social networking, and personalization.