November 17th, 2006

Vivisimo Enterprise Search, MetaSearch and Clustering Engines

Vivisimo Enterprise Search, MetaSearch and Clustering Engines - new SearchTools report
The Velocity search engine can crawl and index web sites, local file servers, Lotus Notes and relational databases (using XML). It supports HTML, PDF, and the usual office file formats, and European, Arabic and Asian languages. It takes advantage of available metadata and provides multi-level access control, simple and advanced search, and browser-based administration. The Content Integration engine sends queries to Velocity and other search engines, either using their formal federation interface or as an HTTP request, and integrates the results.

The Clustering engine processes results from the Velocity search engine and/or the Content Integration engine, and creates on-the-fly clusters in named folders based on the search results.

Now featuring Vivisimo Search on this page: A remote search service, Vivisimo's Velocity Search Engine and automatic clustering system are now available for testing against this site. Check the clustering, which is amazing considering that it's working on the very small amount of text returned by the search engines, not the whole document or any metadata.