December 18th, 2007

Small updates to Search Tools reports

We've updated the following reports on search engines large and small in the last few weeks:
  • i411 has changed its name to Intelligenx and added autocatagorization and multiple language support.
  • Engenium now has OEM library and automatic clustering module.
  • FreeFind now has wildcards for excluding URL paths from indexing, indexes common office document file formats, relevance weight adjustments for URL paths (with wildcards), and some really nice indexing reports -- URLs extracted, server response, status, and which URLs are actually in the searchable index.
  • HomePageSearchEngine now indexes more file types.
  • Doclinx now has a web monitoring agent, with support for speech recognition, for research and competitive intelligence, and a language analyzer.
  • Boolean Search now runs natively on both PPC and Intel Mac OS X systems, includes web-based admin, spellchecking and match term highlighting in search results, template and AppleScript integration for search results formatting, standalone search server, and regular expressions in queries.
  • Crawl-it remote service is still being supported.
  • Datagold is no longer a separate search, it's part of an online archiving suite.
  • Educasoft has no indication of continuing development