January 23rd, 2008


where has Entopia gone?

One of my clients is interested in Entopia, so I was taking a look.

I tried to go to the web site and it was replaced by one of those placeholder spam sites which pops up several spammy windows. It seems like the kind of thing that might have viruses, worms or trojans, so I'd suggest against opening the site in IE, or really, at all on a Windows machine.

No one answered at one phone number, the other two I found were disconnected.

Casualty of the recession? Acquired by someone? It's a mystery, and I'm curious.

ETA: The Wayback Machine (archive.org) has an actual home page as of June 13, 2006 and an empty page as of July 1 of that year. I always thought they were promising more than they could deliver, so this is perhaps confirmation.