September 17th, 2008

ESS West. next week in San Jose

Enterprise Search Summit, 22-24 September, 2008

Focused on real-world issues of implementing and enhancing search for intranets, portals and large web sites. It's been a wonderful conference every time, because it is just about search and related issues. It's a great mix of case studies, specialist presentations, and even the vendor talks are good.

Avi Rappoport will be presenting a pre-conference workshop, Enterprise Search 101, and a talk, Inside the Black Box of the Search Index which will start with the basic inverted index, and some of the more interesting aspects, including tokenizing and document caching.

Online registration available. There's also a vendor exhibit hall, shared with the KMworld and Intranets conferences. To just see the exhibits, fill in the registration, and scroll down to the "Exhibits only" button, that's free. But you'll be missing a lot of fascinating talks.