March 10th, 2009

searchtools links

Interesting stuff I found today:

Qweery Search - based on a Dutch public search engine, has some interesting tweaks based on sales conversions, clicks and feedback.

Woosh - a Python search engine, originally for help systems. Features include fielded search, fast indexing and search, pluggable API (for relevance scores, text analysis, etc.), query language and spellchecker. Free and open-source, based on some other open-source engines.

Xappy wrapper for the Xapian open source search engine. The elsdoerfer blog shows how to integrate with django And the xapian blog has a speed comparison with Woosh

A low-cost commercial robtots.txt generator from BasiSoft (not the same as text analysis company Basis Technology)

Doug Lenat was positively impressed with Wolfram Alpha -- particularly good on country and stock price information, temperatures, cities, currencies, chemical compound names and measurements (such as 10cm/year). He says it has beautiful graphs and tables in the results page (