June 22nd, 2009


Decoding the new Google Custom Search API

Google has released a new version of their Custom/Site Search service, and added an "Element" -- a wizard-driven JavaScript that non-technical users can copy and paste to their web sites, even blogs which do not allow uploading. Search Tools has a new Analysis of the CSE and AJAX API. I also wrote a fully-commented sample code with a live version on the same page, because this is much harder for non-programmers to customize than the forms or even the Site Search XML interface (paid version only). I'll be doing more on customizing and functionality and display during this week.

Also coming soon, an updated version of my Google CSE review from 2007. New features include: limited on-demand indexing, Best Bets (promotions), synonyms, new interface for filters (refinements), localized to 40 languages and offering transliteration between character sets.

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