November 16th, 2009

Fundamentals of Enterprise Search workshop slides

the workshop went really well, interesting discussions and questions.

darwinco did an excellent near-real-time blog entry of the first half.

The Fundamentals of Search presentation is in HTML and posted

This time, I forced myself to upload right away, even though HTML is really ugly. The other reason I hate powerpoint. Also, if the file has dashes in the name, it's incompatible with Safari. That was very annoying to debug. Is there any way to export nicely?

The s5 html slide thing was clunky and slow, especially for really long presentations, and the css was too finicky for me. I was wrongly annoyed with Apple Keynote because it didn't do XML (which seems so perfect for presentations), but between the announcement (when I asked) and the release, they seem to have used it as the base format. Guess I'll look at Keynote again.
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