July 22nd, 2010


Google Docs 2010 Not Ready for Prime Time

I got distracted the other day when I noticed that new Google Docs 2010 editor is more of a word processor than the old one, and insists on showing me gigantic on-screen margins. Taking a further look, I discovered that Google had very quietly made this my default, rather than the old comfortable version. And then I made a list of things that don't work. And a hashtag #gd2010

The new editor was in beta from April to June 15, which was clearly not long enough. Now the default is to create documents in the 2010 Docs format, and people get really confused (lots of questions in the Help forums). Having it as a hosted service just makes it worse: Google can change anything without warning (that's my dark side of cloud services).

Thinking about how hard it is to release a big upgrade, and the specific demands it has on this organization that is used to incremental upgrades, I wrote an article: Google Docs 2010 Not Ready for Prime Time, and a list of issues. These should clarify the issues and I hope give tech support people some place to start.

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