February 18th, 2011


links to videos: ROI of User Experience, Taxonomy Fairy Tales

  • The ROI of User Experience with Dr. Susan Weinschenk (video)

    A spectacular drawing animation/video about how to see the User Experience as a way to avoid expensive errors and duplication.  It would be great to show a doubter.

    tags: user experience

  • Taxonomy Fairy Tales (video)

    Patrick Lambe and Matt Moore discuss why internal and enterprise search engines don't work as well as web search, due to a lack of meaningful hypertext links and different expectations (I agree).  They mention the value of taxonomies for improving search, and the fact that there is no Taxonomy Fairy or magic automated system to organize things.  And they recommend that most of the taxonomy come  from the bottom up, by categorizing stuff and seeing how it fits together.  Very engaging and I'm glad that I agree with them.

    tags: taxonomy tagging intranet enterprise search engines

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