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Product Report: Northern Light (SinglePoint) Search

This is an off-site copy of the corresponding Product report page on the website, and it is designed to allow you to comment on the product and/or the reporting. For more information about the topic of search and tools visit where you can browse many articles, in-depth analysis and overviews of external resources.

Northern Light (SinglePoint) Search

History: Acquired by divine: January 16, 2001, Re-acquired by former CEO David Seuss at the divine bankruptcy auction, April 2003 with plans to develop and market the technology.

Product Information
 Search Toolkit (Remote Search Service)
 SinglePoint (custom information portal service)
 Oracle Portlets (search features for Oracle 9i Portals)

Platform: Internet-accessible servers and Intranets via VPN or HTTPS
Price: contact company


  • Indexes and search sites, domains and multiple domains.
  • Integrate with vertical portals and Northern Light special collections.
  • Information filtering and alerting services.
  • Relevance ranking based on match frequency, type of document, metadata and phrases.
  • "Chunks" long documents into logical pieces for more precise results.
  • Classification system is based on the NL taxonomy controlled by indexing experts and artificial intelligence tools, and customer taxonomies (see SearchTools report on Classification and Categorization).
  • SinglePoint portal provides a corporate search service without server load (see the SearchTools report on Intranet / EIP searching).
  • Security for indexing provided by VPN, leased lines and HTTPS encoding.
  • July 2001: Integration with Corporate Yahoo! portal builder service.

Articles & Reviews

  • Seuss Hopes Northern Light will Rise and Shine Information Today, June 2, 2003 by Paula Hane
    Information from former Northern Light CEO David Seuss about his re-purchase of the search technology at the divine bankruptcy auction, background information about the NL's earlier struggles and business difficulties.
  • Northern Light rescued from bankruptcy Boston Business Journal, May 23, 2003 by Mark Hollmer
    Story of the reacquisition and quotes from CEO David Seuss. The purchase price, $81,000 is a fraction of the January 2002 acquisition price of at least $12 million.

    Return of Northern Light? Only Time Will Tell Resource Shelf, May 23, 2003 by Gary Price
    Former CEO David Seuss purchased the name and search technology at the divine bankruptcy auction. Press releases indicate that remaining technology customers will be supported and the enterprise search product finally released. The webwide search engine may return as well.
  • divine Announces Acquisition of Northern Light Press Release: January 16, 2001
    Northern Light executives will join divine, and the search engine software, featuring the classification and taxonomy functions, is specifically mentioned. Includes a quote from Susan Feldman of IDC:

    “... By closely integrating search and content management with a collection of high-quality information sources, divine offers enterprises a single point of entry into both their internal information sources and the external ones that are strategically necessary to their survival. Integrated solutions enable an enterprise to develop an integrated information strategy based on the particular needs and processes of their organization. Workflow, categorization, tagging, publishing, search, and information analysis can now become one seamless process that builds a strong foundation for knowledge work...”

  • An Eye on the Competition: The SinglePoint portal collects and organizes corporate content Knowledge Management; May, 2001 by Peter Ruber
    Describes the SinglePoint portal service, concentrating on the competitive intelligence and outsourcing business model aspects.

  • Northern Light: A New Model for the Enterprise Information Portal IDC; April 2001 by Susan Feldman, cost: $1,500 USD plus tax. (also available for free by request through Northern Light).
    Describes the nature of enterprise information systems, including enterprise user characteristics, special vocabulary issues, diversity of documents, relevance ranking complexity, information filtering and altering, categorization of related topics, usability and interface features, flexibility of all these features, administration tools and maintenance, security, scalability and integration. Summarizes the state of the EIP market, and describes how Northern Light provides the features described above. Recommends the Northern Light model of ASP/outsourcing as a good alternative to in-house development.
  • New deals open portals to content eWeek; December 20, 2000 by Grant DuBois
    Covers the SinglePoint portal and Oracle alliance, with a quote from a happy customer.



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