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Product Report: Onix Full Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit

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Onix Full Text Indexing and Retrieval Toolkit

formerly Findex

Product Information

Platforms: Portable ANSI C++ (already implemented on various flavors of Unix including Solaris, Win16, Win32, BeOS, and Mac OS X as well as Mac OS 9.

Price: contact


  • C++ code library
  • Fast indexing, small index sizes
  • Quick retrieval
  • Flexible queries including proximity operators and wildcards
  • Stemming, multiple languages and Unicode support.
  • Scales to hundreds of Gigabytes,
  • Includes unlimited technical support.
  • Adobe Acrobat (PDF) compatibility.
  • Related products:
    • Profiling Engine for automatic categorization and routing incoming documents.
    • Brevity document summarizer

Articles and News

  • Adobe Chooses Lextek Onix for Acrobat Search Engine Press Release, May 28 2003
    Adobe will be incorporating the Onix search engine, developed by Lextek, into Acrobat 6.0. This will make Acrobat documents on hard disks and local networks easy to search in text and metadata.

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