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Product Report: suite

This is an off-site copy of the corresponding Product report page on the website, and it is designed to allow you to comment on the product and/or the reporting. For more information about the topic of search and tools visit where you can browse many articles, in-depth analysis and overviews of external resources. suite

Product Information

Platform: Windows 95, 98, Windows NT (can also index CD-ROMs)
Price: Private license (personal use) $39 or 39 Euros; Commercial license $109 or 109 Euros


  • Windows-based Graphical User Interface for search administration.
  • Handles binary formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word
  • Can work off-line, with CD-ROMs, etc.
  • January 2001 Fast-hack: stopwords and umlaut fixes, IndexWeb utility added.
  • December 2000 release: improved help.
  • November 2000 Platinum service adds customization, new templates.

Articles & Reviews


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