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Product Report: S.L.I Systems Learning Search

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S.L.I Systems Learning Search


Available as a remote search service which uses a web crawling robot to find pages for indexing, stores the index on their server and responds to queries by performing the search there and sending pages with results.

The technology behind SLI Systems was originally developed by GlobalBrain and powered the search on and NBCi.

Product Information

Platform: any web-accessible server
Price: Contact company (one month free trial available)


  • Local or remote robot spider locates pages by following links.
  • Indexes static and dynamic HTML, text, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF and Flash documents
  • Supports sites using JavaScript, VBScript, cookies and frames.
  • Generates titles for untitled pages.
  • Metasearch option to query several sources and combine results.
  • Works with its own index or indexes from Verity, Ultraseek, Microsoft Index Server, Lotus Notes.
  • Can interface with other databases.
  • Results can show database or field content, such as price and pictures, in results.
  • Results items show match terms in context
  • "Learning search" - adjusts search results relevance based on user behavior, by tracking clicks.
  • Search suggestions - alternate vocabulary for related topics.
  • Manual recommendations for specified search queries.
  • XML search results available for complex customizations such as price, categories and pictures.
  • Scalable to millions of searches per day, millions of documents (tested at NBCi)
  • Multiple datacenters and network providers
  • Comes with search analytics - activity, quality metrics, lists of queries with poor results.
  • Regular reports written by company search analysts.

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