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Product Report: Siderean Seamark Metadata Search

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Siderean Seamark Metadata Search

(formerly code named Teapot)

Product Information

Platform: RDF toolbox Java 2 (v.1.31), Windows 2000 and XP, Unix: Solaris, Red Hat Linux
Price: contact company


  • Designed for faceted metadata for structured data including e-commerce product databases, news feeds, or scientific articles
  • Uses RDF an an intermediate storage format.
  • Admin interface provides tools for adjusting categories.
  • Uses Lucene search engine for queries.
  • Performs a default "and" search, finding items which match all query words.
  • Extends search results with browsable sets of options such as price, size, color, etc.
  • Can deliver results using Web Services and SOAP.
  • Option for simple template search results in browser.


  • - beachfront rental properties search engine
  • Fortunoff Fine Jewelry - online store
  • Recipes - example on developer site
  • Medical journal articles - example on developer site
    Disclosure: Search Tools Consulting has provided analysis and information to this search engine developer. We do not give them site visitor or survey personal information, or allow our relationships with any vendors to change any product review or analysis

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