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Product Report: Virage Product Suite

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Virage Product Suite

Product Information

Price: not stated, probably very expensive
Platform: Windows NT

July 10, 2003: Autonomy announces acquisition of Virage.

Autonomy, which includes multimedia search as part of its suite of information management applications, announced that it will acquire competitor Virage.



  • Performs speech recognition to index keywords from streaming audio in real time, identifies speakers, classifies types of sound
  • Indexes closed captions an other text, recognizes natural video segments, works with the audio recognition for both image and speech indexing in real time.
  • Provides the interface and search engine for the index created by VideoLogger.


  • Virage Unveils Video Search Engine IneternetNews, May 22, 2000
    Short coverage of new version of the video search engine for portas, the Virage Internet Video Guide.

  • Informix Integration Press Release, January 17, 2000
    Virage VideoLogger and AudioLogger integrated with Informix Media360.

  • 1999 Web Tools Awards WebReview, July 2 1999
    Virage praised for its ability to locate, reference and link to multimedia content.

  • Indexing the Video Frontier Wired News, February 5, 1998 by Chris Oakes
    Describes the issues of indexing and searching video data, which is much harder than text. Algorithms must find meta patterns, such as scene changes, to break down the data into manageable parts -- and these are different in different genres of video, such as documentaries or sports. Products make good use of closed-captioned text, text within the video and analysis of audio tracks to create storyboards and previews. More subtle indexing will require image analysis and pattern recognition. Products also work with Microsoft's NetShow streaming audio and video products. Includes information about Excalibur, Virage and Magnifi.

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