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Product Report: Web Server 4D Site-Search

This is an off-site copy of the corresponding Product report page on the website, and it is designed to allow you to comment on the product and/or the reporting. For more information about the topic of search and tools visit where you can browse many articles, in-depth analysis and overviews of external resources.

Web Server 4D Site-Search

Product Information

Platform: Windows NT, Mac 68K or PowerPC
Price: Included with WebServer 4D, which is $295

Version 2.0 of this web server includes a simple site-search form. There are minimal search options, although it will index and search PDF files.

MDG adds searches to Web Server 4D MacWEEK, July 16, 1998 by Andrea Dudrow.
Describes the new features of the web server: search indexes meta tags and PDF files.

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