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Product Report: YourAmigo Enterprise Search

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YourAmigo Enterprise Search

Product Information

Platform: Windows 2000 / XP, Unix: Linux
Price: contact company


  • Distributed indexers feed to a central index and search engine server
  • Indexes metadata, including custom metadata tags
  • Handles HTML, PDF and Microsoft Word file formats by default.
  • Integrates with corporate security and access controls
  • Uses indexing agents on server machines to recognize URLs and correlate with file system arrangements, rather than spidering links with a robot.
  • Indexing agents also correlate database access forms with databases via JDBC and ODBC drivers, including SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL
  • Indexing agents compress and encrypt data before sending it to the main server
  • Incremental index updates, scheduling options
  • Supports Boolean, phrase searching and approximate phrases
  • Zone restriction by domain or web site host name
  • Date range searching
  • Search results formatting via template with special tags
  • XML query and results interface options
  • APIs for index building, including legacy system integration
  • APIs for programmatic query access, application integration
  • Web/Java administration interface

Articles & Reviews

  • A Helping Hand To Find The Invisible Web, November 27 2002 by Craig Liddell
    Overview of the technology provides useful details on how it can be used. Quotes a customer, the Adelaide City Council, about how the product can index binary documents such as PDF, and dynamic web pages, software stability, support experience and plans to extend the search to the council intranet.

  • DSTO aims to improve Defence IT capability with new "friend" : June 6 2001
    Description of how the Australian Defence establishment planned to use the YourAmigo search engine.



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