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Search Tool Updates: Discontinued, No Longer Supported, and Significantly Changed

There have been major updates to the list of search tools available on These are the tools that our research has found to be discontinued, no longer supported, or significantly changed. They've been moved on the Search Tools Product Listings page accordingly. If you have any information about these or other search tools, please feel free to leave a comment on this entry, on the contact form or by mail or email..

Tools that have been discontinued

ActiveSearch SiteSearch SDK
BUS (Bottom-Up Scheme) Indexer and Search Engine
DarWin SET
DMP Scout
IIC I-Search
MPS Information Server
NexTrieve Ultralite
Sharewire SiteSearch

Tools that show no sign of current development

CGISRCH - AnalogX CGI Search Engine
Universal Knowledge Processor
Isearch: "Isearch is available for download; however, this original version is no longer actively maintained."
Juggernautsearch Engine is still downloadable. The site was last updated in 2004.
AKTIV Phantom is still downloadable, but its site was last updated May 2004.

Tools that have changed significantly

Atomica changed name and business model; it's now a free web search engine called
DocFather has gone on to become part of the SiteForum portal platform.
Intelliseek Enterprise Search Server is now Nielsen BuzzMetrics.
IBM Intelligent Miner for Text now seems to have become the "Intelligent Miner Library."
ic-find has become the target-marketing specialist company wunderloop.
IMP Database Search Engine has been incorporated into Ocelluz search solutions.
iPlanet Portal now seems to be Sun Java System Portal Server.
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