SearchTools Blog (searchtools) wrote,
SearchTools Blog

New Robot Exclusion Protocol!

Supported by webwide search engines Yahoo, Google and Microsoft, this adds directives to robots.txt:
  • "Allow" directives
  • wildcards in URLs
  • Sitemap Location
There are also HTML meta tags and document properties directives for
  • NOODP (don't use ODP information for this page).
Yahoo has a nice long blog entry on this, as does Google and MS Live Search. Great news for web developers, who've been waiting for this for a very long time.

But there's nothing from the robots mailing list or the which is a shame.

This is also a test for all site and intranet search crawlers -- any abandoned software will not recognize these new directives.

I'll dig further into this in the next week and provide more analysis and details.


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