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Enterprise Search Summit & Infonortics Search Engines Meeting news

Information Today, Inc (producer of the Enterprise Search Summit), has announced that it's acquiring the Infonortics Search Engines Meeting.

The Infonortics conference was great, starting back in the late-90s. It one of the places where old-line Information Retrieval people and new Web Search people and even site search people could mingle. I learned a lot from everything there, including some work on entity extraction and text mining that's only now in general use, (and some that never went anywhere: 3D immersive search results visualization, anyone?)

In most years, the Infonortics meeting was in Boston in April, while the Enterprise Search Summit was in New York in May: my travel budget and family could only handle one of those, and Nancy Garman let me help with ESS, so I chose that one.

The announcement doesn't have details, and I do hope the Search Engines Meeting, with its more theoretical flavor continues, or perhaps a track of it is incorporated into the Enterprise Search Summit.

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